Blanket Agreement

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Hi Everyone !

Is there anyone out there to help me please to understand this expression ?

Blanket Agreement / Blanket Contract

exempli gratia

The ABC has entered into three blanket agreements with music and record industry bodies (...)

The X company is offering a new blanket contract that tries to define "publication rights" as including the right "to use and reproduce all such material and derivatives of it in various databases and in conjunction with any other products (...)

  • maxiogee

    A blanket agreement is one which covers all situations.
    To use the music/record industry which you mention
    There would usually be different agreements between one company and the various record labels.
    ABC have circumvented this and have designed their own contract, which saves their lawyers from having to go through the many and various contracts which each of the record companies would have draughted in the past and presented to the networks.
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