blanket of silence

Discussion in 'English Only' started by ktm, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. ktm Senior Member

    Can anyone eexplain the meaning of the phrase "blanket of silence" in the context as folows:
    'When I was in Maine I noticed I had to pen­etrate a blanket of silence. People were very nervous about talking.
  2. little_vegemite Senior Member

    It's a metaphor - it indicates to you that the main character found that no one wanted to talk about the issue, that this reluctance to talk about it was almost like a physical barrier - It's a direct comparison of people's silence on an issue to a blanket, which covers up/hides/stifles, etc. : )
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    Hi ktm,
    Well, "the blanket of silence" the text refers to is complete silence. Like a blanket covers people and objects, the room was covered, or in others words, just consumed by quietness. The person who stated the text is going to brake the silence. Hope this helped.

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