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I read on. At the bottom of each page, in tiny, barely legible print, was a lengthy disclaimer written in impenetrable legalese. As far as I could interpret the language, it fed the reader two bitter blanket warnings: (1) that all of the information in the packet likely was wrong and should not be relied on, and (2) that First Boston probably has a secret relationship with someone else involved in this trade so that if you buy it, you are likely to be screwed.

FIASCO: Blood In the Water on Wall Street by Frank Partnoy

Does “blanket warnings” mean warnings covering a lot of things ? Does it imply these warnings were not specific enough?

adj. [before a noun]
covering or intended to cover a large class of things:
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    The warnings weren't specific. They didn't give you exact details. It was vaguely worded (and in that sense sort of meaningless).


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    I agree
    covering or intended to cover a large class of things:
    A blanket warning in this context is one that covers all possible eventualities - whatever happens, it's not First Boston's fault, so don't expect to be able to make any sort of claim against them if anything goes wrong.
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