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Hi guys,
what does blaze mean in this context ? it's an old interview to a former football player, he played against a famous brasilian club.
His third division club won 3-2 over Santos of Pelè.

"It was one of the biggest events for years in one of the UK’s footballing outposts and they made the most of their time in the spotlight."
“It’s everybody’s memory,” said Dowling. “I still get people talking about that goal every week."
“I must admit I am a little BLAZE about it. To me it was just about another game of football I played in."
“It was obviously hyped for Santos. They had quite a lot of players who were in Brazil’s 1970 World Cup winning squad. I think they thought it was going to be an easy match, an exhibition."

it seems to my ears he is indifferent about that glorious game,becuase he said " to me it was just about another game o f football".
Am I right?
thank you.
  • MirandaEscobedo

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    Yes, I agree with you, Dario 1979, although Muttquad is absolutely right when he says the word is "blasé" not "blaze". Blasé here has its primary meaning of indifferent or unimpressed and, as you say, even though it was famous and glorious match, to the speaker, it was just one of the matches he played in, nothing special.
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