1. non rien!

    non rien! Senior Member

    Paris, France
    English- England

    I am not really sure how to describe this but it signifies little marks on the skin, and they are to do with bad skin. To me they are different from boutons but I am male so maybe it would be best to wait for a female answer....

    Could this indeed be called boutons or could they be called imperfections?

  2. whatchama Senior Member

    hello, pour moi ce sont des taches / marques sur la peau, mais je ne sais pas exactement de quel genre de taches vous parlez ? Il y en a de toutes sortes.
  3. Flynnzane Senior Member

    french, english
    imperfections ! for you

    boutons caused by acne :) ( youth problem

    boutons caused by chocolate - fat - eating problem :)
    ( adult problem, disorder ... female , male
    we' re even!

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