blend, merge, combine voices musically

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Hello! "merge voices musically". does it collocate? any better verb to match with "voices" to express the same meaning? Thank you.
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    In that case I would not use merge, and probably not mix either, but combine or blend would be fine. I would use combine if you are saying what the composer did, but blend if you are saying what is being done by the singers and/or conductor, i.e. adjusting the balance to achieve an optimal result. You can even use balance as a verb. It is probably also better to say harmonically than musically, if there would otherwise be any possibility of misinterpreting your meaning.


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    mixing voices harmonically, like in a choir
    lupo.hp - That is not a complete sentence - it's just a fragment of one.

    Could you please provide a scenario and a realistic sentence that someone would write or speak.

    Then we can help you more easily.

    (I am a musician)
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