blend or combination

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I know that "blend" means a mixture of things, but "combination" has the similar connotation. How would you complete this sentence? Would you use "blend" or "combination"? The writer chooses "blend". I don't think I quite understand the difference between the two.

Basically, rive trekking is a blend of a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking, rock climbing, camping.
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    They are synonyms so either could be used in your example. "Blend" is just a little more fluid.


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    Also, I tend to stay away from plethora, especially when another word such as blend is used. It is a personal choice, but I find the word plethora to be very pseudo-intellectual.

    Since "a blend of" is used, plethora is not even needed.


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    Blend sounds like all those activities are swlrled together into one continuous experience.
    Combination sounds bits of each joined together.
    Others may hear these differently.

    Plethora suggests there is so much of each that you will be completely fed up by the end of the first day - isn't a plethora an over-abundance?
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