Bless its pointed little head

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    Good morning/evening,

    in "The muses are heard" (first time Porgy and Bess was staged in the USSR) written by Truman Capote, one of the characters says to the welcoming crowd "God bless your dear little pointed heads". It reminded me of the title of a Jefferson Airplane album. Is there a connection ? Is it a common sentence ? What does it mean ?
    Thank you
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    The common phrase is bless your little heart (mon/ma pauvre !)

    pointy-headed is a 1950s slang word meaning intellectual

    Not sure if any of this makes sense in Capote's use of it, however...
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    When I say "bless your pointy little head" it is not a compliment.

    In the old days, the weakest student in the class (especially if he/she misbehaved) sat in the corner of the room with a paper "dunce cap" on -- giving him/her a pointy head.

    So, it means something like "you poor, silly/stupid person"
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    Thanks DebB for your satisfactory reply.
    In France, dunce cap is called "bonnet d'âne" (donkey/ass cap).

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