Bless the Lord oh my soul


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Dear all,
I am translating by ear a half-finished film about Alaska. One of the parts is devoted to the service in Orthodox church in the town of Sitka. I must translate the prayers. To make them recognizable for a Russian spectator I think I should learn the name of the prayer and then find its text in Russian (the precise translation surely exists). Here is the text of the prayer I managed to make out (I am sorry for the mistakes):

Bless the Lord oh my soul
Oh, Lord, my god thou est magnified exceedingly
Confession in majesty as thou put on
Who covers thyself with lightness with a garment
Who stretches out the heaven as it work hard
To support his chambers on the waters
Who appointed the clouds for his descent...

I have tried to Google some of the lines but in vain.
Can someone help me out with the name of the prayer?
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    This is Psalm 103 (at least in the Russian Orthodox Tradition; in most English translations of the Bible, it is number 104 in the Book of Psalms).
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