Bless your heart

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    Strictly speaking it is a benediction, a call to God to bless somebody. But in fact it is simply a term used to indicate affection towards somebody.

    Oxford-Paravia online gives "Dio te ne renda merito!" as the translation.

    You will often hear it said to a child who has exhibited some particularly winning/attractive behaviour ... "Aaahh! Bless his little heart!"
    sometimes abbreviated to just "Aaahh! Bless!"
    Ok, here's where a little English nuance enters the discussion. "Bless your heart" and bless his heart" are often used to say something nice when you really mean something not-so-nice. Here, context is very important because it is also used in the religious sense quite benevolently.

    Negative Example: If my sister-in-law leaves a mess for me to clean up, I'll say "bless her heart" instead of "Why can't that dragon clean after herself?".


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    Actually i remember her
    telling me that when I fell off the chair!! she hates me , i knew it i knew it. oh well, i don't think she is good at what she does anyway!!1
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