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  1. DreamerX Member

    Hi, I was wondering whether you had a similar term in your language that referred to two people who had never previously met going out on a date, which is usually arranged by a mutual acquaintance of the two. Does your equivalent also contain a reference to blindness, or is it something else entirely? I’d be very curious to know.
  2. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    Czech: schůzka naslepo

    naslepo = blind(ly), haphazardly, at random;

    naslepo (an adverbial expression written together) < na slepo; slepo - neuter form of the adjective slepý = blind; na = prep. on;

    (a similar adv. expression but with slightly different meaning: poslepu < po slepu = without looking, blindfold; e.g. umí psát poslepu = he can write without looking/blindfold)

    The title of the American movie "Blind dating" was transtated into Czech as well as into Slovak:

    Rande naslepo (colloq. rande < rendez-vous) (the main character was actually blind)

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  3. Anja.Ann

    Anja.Ann Senior Member

    Italian: "Appuntamento al buio"

    (Literally: "appuntamento" = date; "al buio" = in the dark)
  4. Словеса Senior Member

    I think, in Russian I would have to describe this completely: "встреча двух незнакомых людей, организованная их общим знакомым" ("a meeting of two non-acquainted people, organised by their mutual acquaintance"). The word "вслепую" ("blindly") does mean "haphazardly", "without evaluating consequences", but I don't see how such event is haphazard if it is arranged: the mutual acquaintance is not "blind"!
  5. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    IMHO встреча вслепую sounds good in Russian.

    The Russian title of the mentioned American movie is: «Свидание вслепую»

    < в слепую; слепой (slepoy) = blind;
  6. Radioh

    Radioh Senior Member

    Sydney, Australia
    Same here. We don't have such a term either.
  7. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    A few years back, I would have had a hard time finding a translation (in this thread, some even suggested keeping the English term, something not everyone would have understood I think).
    Now, in French, I would say:
    "rendez-vous arrangé" (arranged date)
    ("rendez-vous avec un(e) inconnu(e)" (date with a stranger))
  8. Словеса Senior Member

    It sounds good, but it means no thing. It is impossible to understand it.
    Of course, whan that movie appeared, the translators had to make some title for it.
  9. bibax Senior Member

    Czech (Prague)
    There are even some articles on Wikipaedia on "blind date", but only in main European languages (including Russian) and probably Chinese and Korean (I see merely squares).

    And indeed the English term "blind date" is used in French and German.

    There is also a note in the French article:
    Blind date est un expression anglaise qui peut se traduire par « rencontre à l'aveugle ».

  10. Словеса Senior Member

    Same there, actually: they had to invent a name, so they did. Note that the article lists no Russian sources.
    As I said, I would refer to that descriptively: он ходил на свидания с незнакомыми девушками (he went to dates with girls he did not know). It sounds silly, but truthful. ;-)
    By the way, these languages are Japan and Korean. If you hover the mouse pointer on the names of the languages, the tip will appear with the local name of the language. Also, Thai.
  11. ilocas2 Senior Member

    this is a movie from 2006

    some other movies with similar names were translated into Czech like this:

    Blind Date (1958) - Schůzka naslepo
    Blind Date (1984) - Slepý, který viděl
    Blind Date (1987) - Schůzka naslepo
    Blind Date (1996) - Rande naoko
    Blind Date (2007) - Rande naoko
    Blind Date (2010) - Rande naslepo
    Blind Dates (2013) - Schůzky naslepo
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  12. Grefsen

    Grefsen Senior Member

    Southern California
    English - United States
    Spanish (Español): "Cita a ciegas"

    cita - date

    ciegas - blind
  13. Dymn Senior Member

    Catalan, Catalonia
    In Catalan I'd say "cita a cegues". It must be a Spanish calque, however.
  14. Outsider Senior Member

    Portuguese (Portugal)
    I've read encontro às cegas in Portuguese, though I don't know if anyone actually uses this phrase, other than as the translation of the English one.
  15. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    In Greek both the expression (and the name of the movie) is «Ραντεβού στα τυφλά» [rande'vu sta ti'fla] --> rendezvous in the blind

    «Ραντεβού» [rande'vu] (neut.) < Fr. Rendez-vous
    «Τυφλά» [ti'fla] (adv.) < Classical adj. «τυφλός, -λὴ, -λόν» tūpʰlós (masc.), tūpʰl (fem.), tūpʰlón (neut.) --> blind, dark, blocked, clogged (PIE *dʰeubʰ-, foggy cf Proto-Germanic *daubaz, to be stunned, deaf, be obscure > Ger. taub, Eng. deaf, Dt. doof, D./N. døv, Swe. döv)
  16. YellowOnline

    YellowOnline Senior Member

    Berlin, Germany
    Dutch - Belgium
    Dutch also lends the English word. The official dictionary somehow manages to use another loan word (from French) to explain it: "rendez-vous met een onbekende" ("rendez-vous with an unknown"). Strange, because rendez-vous does have a good translation: "afspraakje" (meaning 'an appointment' in its base form but 'a date' in its diminutive form).

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