blinding even my electrotelepathic appreciation of their elegance


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I didn't have to close my eyes to be swept into the essence of Rojasta's conceptualized poetry. Instantly superimposed upon my own field of vision was a great flowing procession of the most dazzling jewels I had ever seen. Rubies and sapphires, diamonds and pearls tumbled over one another, their coruscating beauty blinding even my electrotelepathic appreciation of their elegance.

This is from a SF novel Simulacron-3. The narrator is experiencing a abstract poetry performance. Does the last sentence mean:Even I have electrotelepathic power, their coruscating beauty still make me cannot understand(appreciate) those jewels' beauty? Does it make sense to you?

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    No, he is a simulated man. He can be coupled empathically by the people from a Higher World(the real world). And even he created a simulated world(a Lower World) in a simulator, through which he can coupled with the analog people(in that simulator) either.

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    I think the character is trying to say this: The jewels were so beautiful that, even though my brain was electronically enhanced and I could understand ever thing there was to know about jewels when I saw them (so I would not normally be impressed), I was overwhelmed by their beauty.

    I think this means: I have a super-duper enhanced brain, so I immediately know everything there is to know about something when I see it. So I am not usually impressed by anything I see. But these jewels were so beautiful that they took my breath away, just as they would impress someone who had never seen jewels before.

    This is how I would interpret it. But I caution you that I have not read this novel.
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