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    As far as I know, the "bling and bottle service" is a New York luxury trend. I think it's related to restaurants, clubs, etc. Here is the sentence in which I have found it:

    Uber-expenditure: just when you thought bling and bottle service was dwindling, along comes a trend that sees already-expensive New York City going further upscale.


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    Thanks clac, and sorry for leaving your answer for so long - the day-job you know:)

    I'm almost convinced that you are reading this sentence wrongly - not helped by the way it's written (I reckon it should have been ..... bling and bottle service was were dwindling ...).

    There are two almost-separate ideas here, bling-bling and bottle service, that seem to be key elements of separating night-club patrons from their money.

    Bling, or bling-bling refers to the decor and quite possibly the staff and the clientele - flaunting ostentatious, flashy, flamboyant, glorious and conspicuous materialism.

    Bottle service is another concept that is completely alien to me, but seems to revolve around securing a table by paying for a pre-determined quantity of alcoholic beverages. As an added bonus, you get to pour your own drinks and mix your own cocktails. Whoopi-doo and wingety-ding. The club owner gets to sell you more drink than you'd have bought otherwise for more cash than you'd planned to spend - and doesn't have to pay for bar staff. HERE is an article about bottle service, rather revealingly headed "Pouring Profits". HERE is another take on it.
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