blinking back my blindness

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I crept toward the light, blinking back my blindness when I found the source. (She is in a cave in an utter darkness)

What is the meaning of the bold phrase here. She just can't believe how blind she's been?

And what is "blinking" by the way? It is used so many times in the novel that I've started wondering if people really blink their eyes whenever they feel astonishment or disbelief.

  • He blinked and glanced at my sisters.
  • “He wants to marry her,” Elain said dreamily. I blinked.
  • I blinked—but stifled the urge to blink a second time.
  • I blinked. “What?”
  • Not a painting, I thought, blinking as I stepped back to view its massive expanse.
  • For a moment, he blinked at me.
  • Tamlin blinked. “You like— art? You like to paint?”
  • My brows rose so high I thought they’d touch my hairline, and I turned, blinking at him.
  • I blinked at the three strangers, dumbfounded as I beheld their sharpfeatured faces— free of masks.
  • I blinked at the same moment he did, and then his eyes went wide.
And so on... (Source: A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J.Maas)

Isn't this too much? Or it's normal but it grips my attention probably because it's not my mother tongue.
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    Well, in real life we blink frequently to keep our eyes moist. This writer seems to be very keen on her characters blinking - maybe she has a limited vocabulary. :)

    The person in the story goes from utter darkness to light. She is dazzled by the light, so can't see properly - hence "blindness". Maybe the light is so bright that she has tears in her eyes, so she blinks.
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