blithe request

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This one if from How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 9.

Someone's medical insurance is expired and he is so worried that he won't get out of the house.
His wife asks him to go buy some bagles and he says:
The Grim Reaper beckons.
I feel his icy grip
around my throat,
the breath of his hounds
at my heels,
the unrelenting rat-tat-tat
of his scythe on my chamber door.
And you,
with your
blithe request,
you only hasten
his inevitable triumph.

What does he mean by "blithe request"?
  • ewie

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    Blithe here means something like 'easy/trivial', i.e. "It's very easy for you to ask me to go out of the house, but if I go out I might meet the Grim Reaper."
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