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Hi ya!

Does a 'blizzard' only refers to strong wind or a snow storm together with strong wind?

What about 'sleet'? What I learnt is that it is rain and snow, but today listening to the forecast at the BBC radio the woman said 'rain with sleet' as if they were different things.

What do you think?

  • dave

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    Hi Magg,

    A blizzard is when there is a lot of snow being blown by strong winds as it falls, usually reducing visibility. You cannot have a blizzard without snow (unless you are speaking metaphorically) and wind.

    Sleet is very wet snow, therefore it is a hybrid of rain and snow. It is not rain, nor is it snow, it is horrible!

    Does this help?


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    The Netherlands-Dutch

    Thanks for asking about the 'sleet'. I heard it too and I was wondering, for the weather in the U.K. is about the same as here, what kind of stuff called sleet is coming down? And yes, I agree Dave, it's horrible! Today... it's MUCH better :)

    Have a nice weekend!
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