blob puppet


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That's said in a chemistry lab:

Here's another blob puppet up here, here we have the extreme infra-red, infra-red, near infra-red, visible light; and we only see a tiny little bit.

Aquí arriba hay otro ----- , aquí tenemos el infrarrojo
extremo, el infrarrojo, infrarrojo cercano, luz visible, y nosotros solo vemos una pequeña franja de ella.
Can blob puppet be a kind of picture, or sketch, or graphic?

Thanks in advance
  • fenixpollo

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    I've never heard the term. Can you give us more context than just "chemistry lab"? What kind of experiment or observation is it referring to?


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    He´s showing graphics about experiments with light beams against diferents kinds of atoms.


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    Maybe what the author means is that something is showing on the graphic but it is not clear what it is. Perhaps in spectrometry it is common to see "blobs" that the researches cannot explain. Can you give more context?
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