bloc de dibujo / libreta de dibujos

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  1. tortugasmarinas New Member

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    Is there a difference between "bloc de dibujo" and "libreta de dibujos?" I looked them up in the dictionary here, and I found "sketch-book: bloc de dibujo" and "sketchbook: libreta de dibujos." Are these synonyms? To me, the two English words mean the same thing.
    Gracias por su ayuda.
  2. Always feeling foreign New Member

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    Bloc is a common way to name a notepad in Spanish, with the glue at the top. Libreta is more of a notebook, with the stitches on the left.
  3. Soy

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    Buenos Aires
    En Agentina, libreta es utilizado para direcciones y apuntes, y bloc, o block, es más para dibujos, o anotaciones menos "importantes".
    So I wouldn't call a sketchbook una" libreta de dibujo".
  4. apuquipa Senior Member

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    Yes, I agree with Soy and Always Feeling Foreign.
    Una libreta es un cuaderno pequeño.
    Un bloc de dibujos es un sketchbook.
  5. tortugasmarinas New Member

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    Thanks very much! That helps a lot.

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