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    Hello, Jeff Digital. The two verbs are fairly different in many of their meanings. Can you think of a sentence in which you would like to use one of these words? If you can, other members will have a better idea of what you're trying to express and which word you should use.


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    Thanks in reply owlman5!

    The system will be blocked on next....
    The system will be locked on next....

    Is there any difference on those sentence? Which one should I use?Actually my doubt is if I can use both for hardwares/phisical things and untouchable things, softwares, etc...


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    You are quite welcome, Jeff Digital. I think you can use both words as synonyms when talking about information systems:

    The system will be locked/blocked for three hours tomorrow.

    When you are talking about physical things, the two words have different meanings. Generally, we use "lock" with things that have mechanical locks:

    We blocked the road with our cars so nobody could get through.
    We locked the door when we left the house.

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    They are not the same. But an explanation of what the difference is would confuse all of us including myself........

    Block, to stop something proceding
    Lock, to stop access to.

    We could be here for years...........

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