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The following stentence comes from a business role play activity:

If the journalist asks any questions not covered by the information above, you use a 'blocking' answer, or ask the Minister for the Environment to answer it.
How should one understand the expression "blocking answer"? Is it an answer that prevents others from asking further questions?

Context: Due to a tanker accident, the coastline has been polluted. There is going to be a kind of press conference the aim of which is to explain what really happened.

  • tannen2004

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    I would take it to mean an answer refusing to answer, for example "We're not able to discuss those details at this time." or "I am not permitted to release that information at this time. You'll have to ask the Minister of the Environment about that."


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    One could "deflect" a question by answering without answering, by saying something that doesn't really answer the question; to refuse to answer or cooperate can be referred to as "stonewalling."


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    A good blocking answer does two things, Laiki:
    (1) it doesn't answer the question; and
    (2) it prevents anyone else from asking the same question.
    ~How to be an Effective Politician, Ch.1, U.E. and Pat O.Lyes, 1999
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