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I don't find a translation in the wordreference dictionary for either of these meanings of "blocking."


In needlework, it means wetting and shaping a newly made garment or object, then allowing it to dry.

"I'm hoping the irregularity of this border will be straightened out when I block the cardigan."
Mon essai:
"J'espère que l'irrégularité de ce bord disparaîtra quand le gilet sera mouillé, mis dans la forme que je désire, puis séché.

Does anyone know if there's a better way to say these things in French?

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    Non, rien à voir avec l'ourlet ! :p

    For those who need to know more about what blocking actually is, there is some info here.

    Dans le GDT, j'ai trouvé mise en forme comme traduction.

    Did you check the glossaires in our Resources thread: Textile ?