blocking the early spring sun":

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Recently I read an ariticle in New York Times, here's part of the article:
1. One Tuesday I hurried past his table on my way outside, not breaking stride, answering him with a “Hey, how are you?” And pretty soon he was blocking the early spring sun I had lifted my closed eyes to.
I don’t remember much between opening them resentfully, sighing, and sleeping with him a few days later*

blocking the early spring sun: Does it mean that the man stands up in my way so that I could not see the sun? Or does it relate to the next paragraph in the sense that " I wake up in bed and he's beside me"? If not, what else could it possibly mean?
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    I read it to be your first interpretation, Debbie. Presumably she's sitting or lying down, and he moves to stand in front of her, so blocking the sun.

    It seems to me that there are three separate occasions here: — when she passes his table — then later when he blocks the sun from her — then later again, when she sleeps with him.

    This author appears to use implication a lot. You have to assume the missing details in order to link together what's actually written.

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