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I came across this word in a story by William Sansom 8 in fact is an adapted version for students, from "Now read on".
He is descibing how incredibly bright the light and the flowers are:
"Red, yellow, purple and white, the large flower-moons stared like blodges from a paint box, hard as the colours of stained-glass windows".
I have not been able to find it in any dictionary.
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    Thank you very much, Man from Aztlan. It makes sense. We can imagine the flower-moons stared like the roundish irregular shapes of the splodges of paint on the paintbox staring. Poetry is not my best.


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    Pienso es una Cosa Ingles. Podemos mezclar dos palabras (Blob and Splodge) que son similares y hacer una palabra nueva, que no existe en realidad.