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    I would like to know the nickname used in Spanish for "Blondie" (a nickname used for a person or animal with light colored hair). I first heard of it in a Spanish movie where a teenaged girl was called "blondie" and it sounded something like "guetta" or "jetta". Now I have heard my neighbor (who has a blond haired dog) call him something like "guetto" or "jetto" in Spanish. I believe it is a colloquial name used in parts of Mexico.

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    Welcome to the forum, Pollyesther.
    Could "güera" be the word you are looking for? This is Mexican slang for blonde.
    However, in Spain it could be "rubia", or "rubita".
    I hope this helps.
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    Never is too late to reply...

    En español venezolano:

    Blonde = Catira.
    Blondie = Catirita.
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