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Hello Wordreferencers!

I need abit of help with French medical terminology.
Blood conservation (also called blood management) is where the need for administering blood is reduced due to various clinical procedures and protocols.

'Bloodless medicine and surgery' is where blood is avoided altogether.

I am pretty sure that bloodless surgery is 'Chirugie exsangue', but can someone tell me how blood conservation/managment is expressed? It's not, evidently, la conservation du sang (I think) because this returns multiple hits on google regarding blood storage.

Can the medically inclined amongst you clarify this for me??
Many thanks
  • RasJulien

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    La chirurgie sans transfusion (sanguine)?

    Please note: I am by no means an expert in medical terminology. You might want to wait for other opinions


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    chirurgie sans effusion de sang
    (exsangue: adjective meaning "bloodless" - not a drop of blood left in one's veins...)
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