blood thundering through one's vein

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kader ay

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turkish / turkey
Hi All,

I sometimes come across this usage especially in some fiction books, such as "hear the blood thundering through my veins" or "sent the blood thundering through his veins" or "has the blood thundering through his veins"... First, I thought it means something like "blood moving through the vein" but I guess it is more than that, am I wrong? Can you help me to understand the meaning of this sentence exactly? Thanks.
  • dojibear

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    It doesn't make much sense. You can hear blood "pounding" in the arteries, where you can feel the pulses from the heart. But veins are a passive flow.

    I think this "thundering" means the person is very excited. It seems to be used about someone who is in a violent battle. I am not sure if it has any meaning more specific than that.
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