bloodwood desert oak, water tree

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    Hola, os dejo el contexto:

    The bloodwood desert oak and water tree of Australia have roots lying near the surface which can be cut and sucked to provide much needed moisture.

    Help please!!! Gracias.
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    Googling, I saw your text in a couple of sites linking to advice about survival techniques in the wild. (I think I saw two different authors ...)

    Here is the best reference I think I found, in wiki:

    Bloodwood has several meanings. It is the name of a dark red wood, from South America. It is also a common name for several unrelated groups of trees, for instance:

    • In Australia the name refers to either of two distinct groups of eucalypt: the genus Corymbia (formerly Eucalyptus subg. Corymbia) and Eucalyptus subg. Blakella. These two groups share in common their tessellated bark, but are easily distinguished by thickness of the wall of mature fruits; hence Corymbia is sometimes referred to as Woody-fruited Bloodwood, and E. subg. Blakella as Paper-fruited Bloodwood.[1] The name bloodwood for these trees stems from the dark red to brown kino that accumulates on wounds on the trunks.

    • Corymbia terminalis, also known as the Desert Bloodwood, a tree native to the interior desert regions of Australia. Known for its distinctive red sap.

    In short, I think the "best translation" of your term will involve researching the terms given in wikipedia, in re. the Australian species. I leave you to your task ...

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