Bloody powerful thing, the nine millimeter


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Quotes are from "Patriot Games"

Following sentences are what the doctor was explaining to Cathy, the patient's wife.

Does this 'Bloody powerful thing' mean the bullet?
So does it mean that the bullet was bloody powerful thing and it was the nine millimeter?

"We reckon the collarbone was broken before he was shot, then the bullet came crashing through here-just missed the brachial plexus, so we expect no serious nerve damage-and did all this damage." "Then it did this to the top of the humerus before stopping here, just inside the skin. Bloody powerful thing, the nine millimeter.
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    Oddly, it usually refers to the gun. "Bloody powerful thing, the nine millimeter [gun with a nine millimeter bore size]. The fact that explosive charge is actually in the bullet is neither here nor there.
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