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Hi @all the colloquial linguistic geniuses!

How would you translate this quite colloquial English sentence into French?

I haven’t replied yet to Thomas’ bloody (meant vulgar) mail and I ain’t gonna do.

I’d accept the most colloquial replies, because – you see – ain’t and gonna are slang words. Please, now you crass French(wo)men are in demand.
  • beri

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    j'ai pas encore repondu au (putain de) mail de Thomas et je suis pas près de le faire!

    in French there's no "figée" translation for "fucking, bloody", "coño" in Spanish.
    I'm not myself convinced that "putain de" is that appropriate here.
    If Thomas's mail upset you, or make you angry, you can say "putain de". Otherwise, I don't see anything off the top of my head


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    I'd use 'putain de', but that's because I'm very vulgar when I'm pissed :D
    Other words for this would be 'foutu' or 'fichu'. 'fichu' is colloquial, but not vulgar.