blow a <mean> nose [=musical instrument]


Joy tells Riley's imaginary friend:
-- I went to all of your [and Riley's] concerts.
-- Yeah, I blow a mean nose.
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Inside Out, animation

He plays his own trunk, but what does the OP phrase mean? Thank you.
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    It's a slang use of the word "mean", to convey the sense of excellent or outstanding.

    So in the context you've got there, I'd guess it means he blows/plays his trunk in a way which is very expert or proficient.


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    I simply cannot remember the "official" lit-crit term for this linguistic device (transforming an adverb into an adjective modifying the object, not the action), sorry. Another example: "I ate a quick sandwich." for "I ate a sandwich quickly." The meaning is as stated in #s 2 and 4.


    Interesting, didn't know that:)

    Thanks to everybody !

    You can use mean in expressions such as `He plays a mean trumpet' and `She mixes a mean cocktail' to indicate that someone does something extremely well. [INFORMAL]
    Collins Cobuild