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Hello everybody.

I need to rewrite this sentence using a phrasal verb based on the verb in brackets (blow). Please help me to rewrite it because I can't figure it out..

" This is such a lovely photo. I'd like to have it enlarged and framed for my wall"

How would it be? I'd like it to blow it on and framed?

Buff.. I really don't know...

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    "I'd would like to have it blown up and framed for my wall" ? Is that correct? Does it reflects the same meaning?


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    I really can't find out what does "blow" means in this conversation.

    I would guess it means "sucks", but I have never heard "blow" with this connotation.

    It's taken from the movie "up in the air". The two participants are talking about car rental companies, I guess.

    Are you satisfied with Maestro?

    Yeah, I am.

    A little stingy with their miles.
    I like Hertz.

    No, Hertz keeps its vehicles too long.
    If a car has over 20,000 miles, I won't drive it.

    Maestro doesn't instant checkout.
    I like the park-and-go.

    Hertz doesn't guarantee navigation.
    - That's funny; you don't seem like a girl who needs directions.

    I hate asking for directions.
    That's why I get a nav.

    That new outfit, Colonial, isn't bad.

    Is that a joke?
    - Yes.

    Their kiosk placement blows.
    - They never have available upgrades.

    Basically, it's a fleet of shit boxes. I
    don't know how they're still in business.
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