blowing clotted cream out their ears

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I guess that "blowing clotted cream out their ears" was described in those old-fashioned alien fictions. Am I on the right track?

Over the years, however, as the quark model led to more and more correct predictions, that opposition faded. It is certainly possible that some alien beings with seventeen arms, infrared eyes, and a habit of blowing clotted cream out their ears would make the same experimental observations that we do, but describe them without quarks. Nevertheless, according to model-dependent realism, quarks exist in a model that agrees with our observations of how subnuclear particles behave.

-The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking
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    Yes and no!
    I am pretty sure that’s Hawking’s own comedy / hyperbole, not a standard “alien” feature. Aliens often have lizard skin but they don’t often do that creamy ears thing.


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    I believe that Hawking was simply making up a spectacular description of a possible alien.

    Cross-posted while I was checking on the clotted cream thing.

    Added: changing "checked" to "checking." Sigh.
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