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Does "blue-and-white" here have another meaning besides the literal sense? If it does, please explain it to me. Thanks.

"His plan is to allow the Furies, those ancient figures from Greek mythology, to descend on their black wings to that blue-and-white landscape full of diamonds, botox and high-speed cars of no use to anyone because they carry only two passengers. With the little artifacts he has brought with him, all those dreams of power, success, fame and money could be punctured in an instant."
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    I don't know of another meaning it has by itself.

    In which country does this take place? The color combination blue-and-white does have certain associations that may be relevant.

    (Also, please remember that when you quote any published text you should name the source of the quote.)


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    Perhaps Cannes gives the same impression of being composed of white buildings contrasted with the blue sky and water that GWB describes it above.

    Cannes is also known for its white beaches; this is another possible motivation for the description.
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