Blue ice


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"He says we’re hereby in crisis mode and will keep the coons on blue ice in our cubicles and if need be, wear nose clips."
Does anybody know what is "blue ice" here?

Source: The 400 Pound CEO by George Saunders
  • It's ice, of some sort - freezer blocks perhaps?

    What is the literal meaning, lc?

    I confess, I don't understand the term in that context - though @cidertree's suggestion looks like a good idea.
    The naturally occurring variety: think ice icebergs or glaciers. That kind of ice can of course be cut into small blocks.

    The freezer blocks is a good suggestion, though. Maybe that's exactly what the author meant. I personally wouldn't refer to them as 'blue ice', however.
    That was a common brand in the US when I was growing up, although I confess I haven't heard the name for years. I guess it's still out there.


    Technically, Rubbermaid is the brand. Blue Ice is the product name.