Blue. Twenty-four. Sweep. On hut.


I'm translating a movie called Wild Orchid 2. There is a scene in which a highschool boy is playing football and he shouts to his team while they are in a group hug:
"Blue. Twenty-four. Sweep. On hut."

I presume those terms are connected to the game but I don't know what they mean.

Could you help me with their meaning?
Thank you.
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    If it's football, they are probably codes known and understood only by the players of a given team.

    It would be pretty hard to assign meanings to them.

    Just guessing. :) I am not a fan of American football.


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    They are in a huddle, not a hug.
    The words describe a predefined play in terms of a secret code. Since we do not have the team's code book, we don't know the code. "On hut" tells them to start the play when he gives a signal which may be "hut", but it's possible that "hut" is also a code word.


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    Hut is the sound the quarterback makes when he wants the center to snap the ball to him to begin play – and he will call this out several times. By prearranged agreement, the center will know which Hut indicates the snap.

    From Wikipedia: Snap count: The team entitled to snap the ball will usually know in advance the moment when the snap is to occur as one of their players calls out signals, which usually include a loud sound such as "hut" voiced one or more times, the number of which they know; they are thus said to know the "snap count".
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