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I am wondering about the meaning of "voice" in the phrase,

"how did you find your own blues voice?"

Note that this question is aimed at a guitarist playing guitar exclusively, so vocals should not be considered.

Could that "voice" be the tone of the guitar??? or the style of blues guitar he plays???
Hope there's a blues specialist out here! Anyway, thank you in advance!
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    A "voice" (voix) is just a part that an instrument plays (not mimited to the guitar and not limited to Blues).

    So if you have a band say with a guitar, a bass and a sax, you'll get three voices.

    Even in the case of classical music you can say a piece is written for x voices (e.g. violin, cello and french horn)

    In the specific case of the guitar and "popular" music, it may also be a way to insist on playing the melodic part/line as opposed to playing chords / comping (aka: lead guitar vs rythm guitar).

    Hope it helps


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    everyone has their own way of playing music -their own 'voice'/way of expressing themselves.
    In this case they are asking the guitarist 'How he found his way of playing the guitar to make his sound (that is different from other blues musicians)', -what him influenced to communicate/express himself with this sound, and how did he find/create it.
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    I agree with vamink and En passant. The word 'voice' here is used in the larger sense of 'a medium of expression' (not just 'vocal sound'). Also, 'voice' is a musical term to designate a melodic part in a composition.

    My try: 'Comment as-tu [avez-vous] trouvé ta [votre] propre expression dans le blues ?'