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I know you can say 'd'etre honnete/candide/franc' for 'to be honest, etc.....' but can you say 'd'etre carré' for 'to be blunt', eg before you say something rather, well, blunt?

Also, carrement seems to be a slippery word. The dico translates as 'bluntly', but I can't seem to put it in a satisfactory sentence; I just dont think I use this particular adverb, yet I hear it all the time amongst francophones!

Apparently it can also be used in more colloquial terms as 'really?!'

Ai-je raison? :confused:
  • Schopenhauer

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    No: pour être honnête (pour être honnête avec toi)
    Exemple de phrase avec d'être honnête: il ne suffit pas d'être honnête

    I hope you understand the difference
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