boîte à mouche

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  1. Kat123 Senior Member

    Hi all,

    Any ideas what "boîte à mouche" refers to in the context of beauty, hygiene, fragrance, etc...?
  2. bandy Senior Member

  3. Kat123 Senior Member

    Fake beauty spots?!
  4. Kat123 Senior Member

    Aren't they drawn on with a pencil?

    Also, I forgot to mention that my context refers to a museum which documents the history of beauty, hygiene, etc and I don't know if fake beauty spots are a modern idea?
  5. bandy Senior Member

    No, "la mouche est un faux grain de beauté, fait de mousseline noire et collé sur le visage" (made of black muslin).
    It was a symbol of finery during 18th century.
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  6. Kat123 Senior Member

    Ok thanks. I don't suppose you know how to translate into English?
  7. bandy Senior Member

    I think you must keep the French term "mouche" but describe it as "an old-fashioned fake beauty spot made of muslin" :)

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