BO-go-Shi Bo-yo O-Ba


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Hey there,

I recently was sent an email from a Korean friend.
The email was written in english except for the last line which was written in Korean;

BO-go-Shi Bo-yo O-Ba

She refuses to translate it for me, if anyone can translate this into English it would be appreciated.

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    Thanks for the quick reply,

    Unfortunately she did not include the hankul version, only the romanized version. I wonder if it had been a poor translation on her behalf.

    Is this a common expression used, I personally don't have any brothers, I have a younger sister. Do you think she would use this term to literally want to see me or is it an expression of her feelings towards me?


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    BO-go-Shi Bo-yo is apretty common phrase. And girls frequently call older (but not too much older) male, non-relative friends "o-pa" (which literally is the word a girl uses when speaking to her older brother; Koreans use different words for a boy's older brother and for younger siblings). The "o-pa" here is referring to you, not to any brothers you might have. It could be a term of endearment in the way she is using it (not knowing your relationship with her, I can't say for sure what message she might be trying to convey to you, but at least it's an affectionate reference :)). Maybe a native Korean speaker will add to this discussion.
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    She is saying 보고 싶어요 오빠, I am pretty sure.

    It basically means "I miss you" (Even though it is literally translate as "I want to see you"). And Koreans use "o-pa" just as a way of calling people who are older than is a respect thing, but it is very common. Everyone uses it!

    But it is definitely directed towards you.
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