Board a plane


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are there any other expressions that mean "board a plane"? Can I say "get on a plane" or "get into a plane"?

Thank you
  • Hello Scrivener :)

    thanks for your answer. What about leaving the plane? Do you say "get off", "get out of" or something else?
    There are the words "enplane/emplane" and "deplane", but I don't think I've ever heard anyone use "enplane/emplane". You would probably produce a blank stare on most people's faces in the U.S. if you tried it on them. :)

    I have heard "deplane" used by flight attendants fairly regularly.
    I heard a stewardess say, "There is no smoking on this flight. If you light up once we are airborne, you will be asked to step outside."

    "Deplane" is a word they use in that industry for getting off the plane.

    For getting on the plane they usually say something like this, "We will be announcing boarding by rows. Rows 1 through 10 may now board..."