Board/sign used to identify a class in a school picture


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Most school class pictures that I've come across that are 30 or more years old have a board/sign in the picture that identifies the name of the school, the grade, and the year of the class. I'm curious to know what word(s) might be most appropriate to use to describe such a board/sign?

Here's the link to an example of such a class picture with a board/sign:

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    I don't think there is a name for those things: I don't recollect ever coming across one.

    In some very old class photos, the name/year is just chalked on a miniature blackboard which one or two of the kids in the middle of the front row hold up, in which case you can just say 'the [small] blackboard'.

    In the case of the photo you've posted, I'd probably say something like 'the class name board'.


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    Is there a name for the same type of information at the bottom of an old-time mugshot?
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