Bob gave a gift for me?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Poseidon, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Poseidon Member

    Hi everybody,

    I won a gift of friends of mine, so...Can I say, for example, Bob gave a gift for me?

  2. mr.frenchy

    mr.frenchy New Member

    Calgary pi francais
    won mean winning in the past (LIKE A CONTEST) and the word gave mean give in the past. so you would say ( I won a gift of Bob) or if it's about give, you would say: Bob gave me a gift
  3. Poseidon Member

    OK...thanks mr.frenchy...It's clear now!!
  4. jess oh seven

    jess oh seven Senior Member

    UK/US, English
    I'm not sure where this idea of contests and winning has come from, but you can't say "I won a gift of Bob". If you are talking about a gift that Bob gave you, you would say "I got/received a gift from Bob". If you are talking about something you received in a competition, it would be "I won a prize". Generally we give/receive gifts and win prizes.
  5. maybe4ever Senior Member

    Rennes, France
    US english
    I think, Bob gave a gift to me; or Bob gave me a gift, sound best.

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