Bob Marley - I've got to have kaya now


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<I am fond of music by Bob>. The question is: what does kaya (and Kayaman) mean in the context? It should be kinda Jamaican slang word, I guess. My version is - a climax or so.
Well, I feel so high, I even touch the sky
Above the fallin' rain!
I feel so good in my neighbourhood,
So: here I come again!

I've got to have kaya now....
For the rain is fallin'!
  • Q-cumber

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    As Bob put it, "Kaya means herb. It's a password some of the brethren use in JA. So Kaya is really dealing with togetherness and humanity and peace, (because) the thing of peace travel through the earth now. Yes, Rastaman Vibrations and Exodus were 'arder. This time we dealing with something softer."
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