"Bob out the Godies"

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    Kathy Griffin was on Tyra Banks Show and they were talking about "manscaping", straight guys who pluck their eyebrows etc. Kathy then asks, does anyone remember "the joke/show called Bob out the Godies/Goddies? All those godies' sons had full blown drag queen eyebrows." What joke or show does she refer to? Any ideas?
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    I've looked and looked and cannot find any title like that, and I don't remember any series like that (and I've lived through much of TV).

    So I wonder if the person was joking, and they were joking about the "Growing up Gotti" reality series.

    They were probably joking about the fact that the Gotti sons always looked the way she described.

    "Bob out" I would guess means something like "pluck out" "dress up" or something.

    I'm pretty sure she said "Gotti" and that it was just a joke.
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    Wow, I'm impressed! Good detective work, that must be it. I tried googling everything but that I didn't come up with, probably due to the spelling. Thanks ever so much! You made my day. :)
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    That was an inspired guess -- especially after seeing them.
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    Impressive deduction and thank you so much for that hilarious photo Copyright!

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