Bobbycue [barbecue]

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What is Bobbycue, please?

1. "Bobbycue pig and chicken, bar'l of good stump-hole whisky."
The Little Black Train
Manly Wade Wellman

2. Rabbit sot by de Creek-side laughin' an' hittin' at de Snake doctors. An' dem po' creeturs had ter go clean past de bobbycue—ef dey wuz any bobbycue, which I don't skacely speck dey wuz. Dat what make me say what I does—when you git a invite ter a bobbycue, you better fin' out when an' whar it's at, an' who runnin' it.
Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit
Joel Chandler Harris

I think, both passages are in the southern dialect.
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