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Dear all,
this is from the story by Adam Johnson Interesting Facts.

My first novel that no one would publish was about Scottsdale trophy wives who form a vigilante group to patrol their gated community. It contains, among other things, a bobcat killing, a night-golfing tragedy, the illegal use of a golf ball–collecting machine and a sex scene involving a man and a woman wearing backpack-mounted soda pistols.
I am not sure if bobcat here means an animal or, figuratively, a woman who commits killing. Could you please help out?
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    A bobcat killing is ambiguous. It can either mean (i) somebody killing a bobcat (a lynx), or (ii) a bobcat killing someone (unusual, bobcats/lynxes do not usually kill people), or (iii) a particular brand of earth-mover that was used to kill someone. (i) seems most likely but you can never know.

    The animal:

    a picture of a Bobcat 190:
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