1. heathbar344 New Member

    English-United States
    Que significa "boca chula" en ingles? Se que boca es "mouth" pero chula tiene muchos definiciones, y no se si hay un otro significado cuando usa las palabras juntas. Gracias por su ayuda!
  2. Mirlo

    Mirlo Senior Member

    Castellano, Panamá/ English-USA
    In this case "chula"= great
  3. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    In Mexico, "chula/o" means "beautiful," or some variation of the word.
  4. heathbar344 New Member

    English-United States
    does that still make sense in this context:
    "un besote bien grande en esa boca chula"?
  5. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    "a really big kiss on that gorgeous mouth"

    Sounds good to me!
  6. PAUL B.T.

    PAUL B.T. Senior Member

    Cool, yummy...it only depends on how hot you want it ;)

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