bodily desire and sublimation

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Blue Apple

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Is there any way to understand if "bodily" in "bodily desire and sublimation" refers only to "desire" or to both "desire" and "sublimation"?

Kristeva’s most popular theory regarding art, i.e. her theory of abjection, which provides an undoubtedly fascinating and useful cultural analysis of bodily desire and sublimation.
  • Chez

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    There's no way to tell from the written word. You can only gather which it refers to by context (and it sill could be ambiguous).

    Here, bodily desire and sublimation are opposites, as I understand it.

    Bodily desire is sexual force/urge/desire; while 'sublimation' is the suppression of this force/urge/desire. Therefore, 'bodily' only goes with 'desire'.
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