Bogeyman and other fictional characters to scare children

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    WHAT???? :eek: Oh my goodness!!! And they say something similar to little girls? It saddens me to say, but this would probably not scare many boys here unless they were very young! ;)
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    Wow, this is so Freudian :D
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    My mother is from Panama and I recently took a trip there. It seems what is used to scare children over there is "El Duende", which I guess is an elf or gnome.

    The strange thing is that although it seems to be used to scare children it seems that even some of the older folk believe in "El Duende". My grandma described that she was watching a little boy who went to play near a river and he told her that one of his friends was calling him to the other side of the river. Apparently that little boy was somewhere else that day and it was impossible that he was at the river, so they deduced that it was a "duende" that was calling him and trying to trick him so it could take him away or something like that. I would normally chalk this up as my grandma just trying to tell a scary story or something but it turned into a long discussion and everyone was telling anctedotes about their run-ins with "duendes". Pretty neat and a little weird/spooky I have to admit. :)
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    I'm not very familiar with all the stories, but we do have a bogeyman, called BauBau. I'm not sure what he looks like (more like a shadow), but he will surely come to get the naughty children, and if you've been disobedient it's always a good idea to check under the bed before going to sleep - that's where he'll probably hide. Well, there and any other dark corner of the room.

    Baba Cloanţa is, I believe, our version of the Russian Baba Yaga (they both seem to have iron teeth).

    There are some tales of the Big Bad Wolf (Lupul cel rău), but since my parents never used this kind of "education" on us, my big brother and I would invent our own Wolf/BauBau stories to keep us properly spooked at night.

    We must be a very racist nation, but I've heard way too many parents scare their children that, if they're naughty, a certain ethnic minority representative would come and get them in his sack.

    Oh, and yes... I involuntarily played the role of the bogeyman once, when in a fast food (memo to self - don't ever go there again) - a child was misbehaving and I chanced to pass by their table, just to hear the mother say: "if you don't behave yourself, this girl will take you away. Won't you, miss?" Well, I must say the kid didn't look half as scared as I felt at that moment.
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    Maybe I'm off topic now, because what I'm going to say was not used to scare children, but adults; but I'm now in rural Galicia, northwest Spain.
    And rural people still believe in:

    The "lobisome", the werewolf who will take children if he can, but whose preference are young women.
    Apparently the lobisome has a real name and personality: a serial killer of long ago.

    The "Santa Compaña": a long trail of living-dead which wanders through forests and villages in moonless nights. If you are unfortunate enough to find them, the last living-dead of the trail will give you its torch and you'll be forced to join the trail.
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    Hello everyone,

    In Ecuador, the 'cuco' takes away naughty children who don't eat their soup or go to bed early. My parents never scared us with this, but my cousin used to be terrified of the cuco, and believed in its existence until she was about 10 years old...

    In the indigenous people's folklore, there is a 'duende' (evil goblin) called the 'chuzalongo' or 'chuzaluncu'. He punishes lazy young girls by raping them. Whenever a single woman gets pregnant and she doesn't want to reveal the father's name, she will blame it on the chuzalongo. In other versions of this myth, he rapes and kills all of his victims, both men and woman. He is supposed to be small and very ugly and his penis is supposed to be the same size as that of a horse. Of course, this myth isn't told to small children, rather, people of all ages are afraid of him... I guess it's kind of off-topic, than. Oh well.


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    When I was very young my father would threaten us with a visit from Old Granny Greenteeth. He had a little rhyme:

    Run lads! Run lads! run for your life,

    Old Granny Greenteeth is coming with a knife!

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    I actually don't know, to what extend this is being used in Denmark. It wasn't used on me in my childhood. In the old days, people where very afraid that "de underjordiske" (those who live underground) should take the unbabtised child and replace it with there own offspring. such "changelings" would be ill treaded so "de underjordiske" would take it back, out of pity. This unfortunatly resulted in the death of many children, who where a little different. to protect the child, you would lay cross and steal in the craddle, and best of all an open pair of scissors.
    In resent years i think the english/american boogieman has taken over, and is called "bøh-man" or "bussemand" in Denmark.
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    The Black Man (der Schwarze Man) also scares off kids here in Austria and I think that he is a very close relative to the Italian Uomo Nero (if it's not the exact same person, that is :D).

    Because he, too takes away children not behaving properly. But alas, today children aren't really scared any more from the Black Man. They've got other monsters today - Disney and toon monsters, if you know what I mean: they're so much more hip, really ...
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    I dare to say we Hungarians have the most mysterious animal living only in Hungary, it is a type of owl having a penis made up of copper. You can check it here. It is called "rézfaszú bagó" [the owl with the copper cock :warn:]and if childen are mischievious this owl takes them away. :D I know Portuguese have gambozinos but they do not scare children.
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    There is another one from Spain, used to be very famous many years ago. It is the 'sacamantecas'. If you don't behave, he comes with a sack (so maybe he is the same as the man of the sack), takes you and then kills you to use your fat. It is based in two real stories, one from the mid 19th century and another from the early 20th century.
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    I read about something like it in a peru language site the man was living in a cave raping people.
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    And I learnt today in Galicia they call those beings: Biosbardos.

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