Boil safe/Boil-safe/Boilable (cooking bags)


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any idea how to best translate "boil safe" or "boilable" (as in "boil-safe bags"). In this instance, they're vacuum-sealed plastic bags that can be placed in boiling water to cook the food inside them without having to take it out of the bags.

So far I have:

  • hervible (I know, it's not in the dictionary but you have to admit it's pretty catchy :D, and it's what Termium suggests in other contexts)
  • resistentes a la cocción en agua
  • que pueden hervirse
  • apto/a para hervir

I like hervible best for marketing pieces.

What do you think?
  • Carlitos360

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    i would use "hervible" (sounds good and there is a lot of people that use it).

    However, i have searched on google, and all advertisers put "bolsas hervibles"
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